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Breaking with the Old

Part 1: Introduction


What you are about to read is going to be a journey. It will be a journey through scripture and religious experience as we look to uncover why the Old Testament and the New Testament produce such a difference between them in religious lifestyle. We will start this journey by looking at the salvation found in Jesus Christ.

(Content of this section: Acknowledging a different religious lifestyle in the New Covenant compared to under the Old Covenant)


Along the way on this journey, I'm going to address some questions that are likely to arise. These will be questions that highlight the difference in religious practice between the Old Testament and the New Testament. For example the Old Testament has a priesthood, does this priesthood carry over into the New Testament? The Old Testament has very particular ordinances and regulations, what has happened to these in the New Testament?

Before that though, let me make an observation. The vibrant Christian Church of today must give credit to the Reformation that Martin Luther initiated which brought God’s people back to the foundations the apostles laid and it has been given renewed life by the various charismatic revivals in the centuries since then. What we now see is a Church that is very different in religious form and practice from that which was seen with the Children of Israel under Moses and the generations of Jews that came after them. This can be puzzling to some Christians because they are mindful that both Christianity and Judaism in large part hold to the same sacred writings. For this reason, I'm going to go over with you why the Christian Church has a religious lifestyle so radically different from the Jewish religious lifestyle.

Preview of content in next part:

  • Discovering the significance of declaring that Jesus is Lord
  • The account of Jesus drawing the Pharisees' attention to Psalm 110:1.
  • Reflect on Jesus' lesson about who the Christ is.

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