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It will be great to hear from you. Perhaps you have a response to what you have read on this site, or a story of what has happened to you since discovering this site or simply a greeting or a question. Please use the form below. Instructions are in the next section. Please also read the guidance notes at the bottom of the page.

If you have a prayer request please post this on our sister site The Virtual Church rather than sending it to us via this Contact form. Thanks.

The Virtual Church

How to use this form

Here's how to use my contact form. Click the label (title) of the input box. This will position your cursor in the box ready to type. Fill in all the boxes. To check your message before sending it you can use the Preview button. Preview appears in a box at upper right corner.

Contact Us

Privacy Statement

At Teaching Pages, we respect your right to privacy and we understand that users of Teaching Pages web site need to be in control of their personal information. "Personal information" includes, but is not limited to, name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and credit card information. Teaching Pages does not sell, rent, swap or otherwise disclose any of this information.

Correspondence Policy

Greetings are welcomed. Comments are read. Requests for counsel or guidance will all be considered and questions are also accepted, although no commitment is here made to either giving answers or providing counsel. All requests and questions should be stated as briefly and concisely as possible. If they are lengthy there may not be time available in the Teaching Pages office to deal with them. Regarding questions please note: 1) if the question relates to a study appearing on this web site it is best that you provide a quote from the study to show where that question arises from, 2) you may, in certain unusual circumstances, be asked to fill in a questionnaire regarding your spiritual background before an answer is given. N.B. Teaching Pages does not enter into general theological discussions - Christian forums are the place for that.

If you have already asked a question or made an enquiry and we've made a response to it, then a further enquiry or question from you won't get dealt with until you have given some feedback on how you took up the response we already sent you.

Guidance notes:
  • Type normally - not ALL CAPITALS but capital letters just where they're needed.
  • If you are asking a question be genuine about your reason for asking the question.
  • Sorry, I'm no longer fielding communications about the tithe. You will find answers about it on the Questions and Answers page.
  • Have you got a prayer or prayer request. Please pay a visit to The Virtual Church and post it there. Thanks.
The Virtual Church