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Welcome to the Study Course

Pastor Simon Measures says, "I've felt for a long time that every believer should be given a practical, step-by-step grounding in the faith. This is what I have set out to do in this Bible study course that I've named 'High Impact Christianity'."

There are three key features of Pastor Simon's "High Impact Christianity" that you will find make it outstanding in its value as a Christian growth program:

  • High Impact Christianity will encourage and guide you to grow as a believer. It will take you from your beginnings as a spiritual babe in Christ onwards to being spiritually mature in Christ and able to spiritually parent others.
  • Each class in High Impact Christianity provides you with a clear path to victory in key areas of your spiritual and practical living.
  • High Impact Christianity presents to you God's Word as spiritual nourishment for your strength and development as a believer.

Getting started

The Bible Study has areas called Stages. These stages are all accessible from the main menu (see drop down section under Bible Study). Alternatively, click on the area title in the list below.

Bible Study Stages

Here you will find the areas of Bible Study broken down into six stages. From children just starting out on their path of faith to adults who might be revisiting theirs after spending years on a different one, the Bible and its teachings can certainly help anyone willing to learn. This is especially true for those who may fighting an addiction or substance abuse at a rehab facility like Morningside Recovery or one similar. For those who might be at their lowest, fighting that addiction, it sometimes helps to know they have a place to turn. Going through the Bible Study stages can certainly help.

* Stage One: Laying Foundations* Stage Two: Discovering Security* Stage Three: A living relationship with God* Stage Four: Living and loving in Christ* Stage Five: An overcoming lifestyle* Stage Six: Receiving equipping as a Christian

Stage One: Laying Foundations

Class 1: Living Above It All[Show/Hide class parts]Class 2: Walk as the King's Child[Show/Hide class parts]Class 3: The Joy Of Salvation[Show/Hide class parts]

Stage Two: Discovering Security

Class 4: Your Father's Care[Show/Hide class parts]Class 5: Risen To Eternal Life[Show/Hide class parts]Class 6: Set Free![Show/Hide class parts]

Stage Three: A living relationship with God

Class 7: Another Comforter![Show/Hide class parts]Class 8: Prayer that Prevails![Show/Hide class parts]Class 9: Hearing From Heaven![Show/Hide class parts]

Stage Four: Living and loving in Christ

Class 10: How To Love![Show/Hide class parts]Class 11: Father and Son[Show/Hide class parts]Class 12: Covenant Consciousness[Show/Hide class parts]

Stage Five: An overcoming lifestyle

Class 13: Blood Victory![Show/Hide class parts]Class 14: Name above all names![Show/Hide class parts]Class 15: Word Power[Show/Hide class parts]

Stage Six: Receiving equipping as a Christian

Class 16: Anchor of the Soul[Show/Hide class parts]Class 17: Grace[Show/Hide class parts]Class 18: The Whole Armour of God![Show/Hide class parts]