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Class 13: Blood Victory!


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Part 9: How to come into the Father's presence

(This is part 9 of 10 parts in this class)


The blood will see you into the Father's presence. Let the blood speak from your heart. Let the blood speak from the way into the Holiest. Listen to its gracious message!

The sprinkled blood says to you from your heart, "Your heart has been sprinkled from an evil conscience to serve the living God. The blood has lifted away all your sin. You have been justified by the blood of sprinkling."


The sprinkled blood of Jesus then says to you from the tabernacle, "Have confidence to enter into the Holiest! Confidently draw near by the blood sprinkled way to the Father! Jesus has consecrated this way for you with His own blood."

Jesus sprinkled the tabernacle with His own blood when he ratified the New Covenant. He consecrated a new and living way for you to enter the Holiest of Holies.


The moment you begin to hear the blood speaking to you this gracious message you will want to walk the way it consecrated. You will walk right into the Holiest and the Father's presence.

In the Father's presence your sonship relationship with Him will grow. In His presence you will minister praises to Him as one of His royal priesthood. In His presence your enemies will fall and perish. In His presence the blood of Jesus will do an ongoing work of constantly cleansing you from sin in all its forms and manifestations. 1 John 1:7.