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Class 13: Blood Victory!


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Part 3: Saints' word of testimony

(This is part 3 of 10 parts in this class)


Everyone who moves and breathes on this Earth has a word of testimony. It is what each person says about him or herself.

What is your word of testimony? What do you - as one of the saints - have to say about yourself? Do you repeat what the devil has to say about you? Do you say what the world is saying about you? Do you say what you're thinking about yourself?

What do you say? The only word of testimony you should say about yourself is what God has to say about you. His Word is truth and His Word gives testimony in absolute truth about you.


Don't open your mouth and lie against the truth! Don't contradict His Word! Let His Word about you - and only His Word - be your word of testimony. James 3:14.

Jesus your Advocate stands up in the court of Heaven and defends you using your word of testimony. Be sure you're telling the truth; His Word. Jesus takes this word of your testimony to advocate for you and when He does, God - the judge of all - immediately throws out Satan's whole case against you!