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Class 13: Blood Victory!


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Part 10: Blood speaking from the Book

(This is part 10 of 10 parts in this class)


Finally, let the blood speak from the Book. Jesus' blood speaks to our God of covenant mercy from the Book of the Covenant that He ratified with the blood of sprinkling.

The sprinkled blood of Jesus cries out from the Book of the Covenant. You ought to know the blood speaks out to God for you from the pages of your covenant book! The blood is there to speak for you!

Your heart has been crying out to see the marvellous favour of the New Covenant prevailing throughout every aspect of your life. Now give your heart a break; let the Blood speak!


When you know the Blood speaks you can pray like this,

"Father, in the Name of Jesus, I let the Blood speak from the Book of the Covenant about my covenant with you. Father hear its cry for the covenant to be fulfilled in my life!"