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Class 15: Word power


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Part 3: Prayer for healing

(This is part 3 of 11 parts in this class)


For example, when you prayed you may have asked for healing. The moment you prayed in faith, you received. You received your healing; even though your senses may say you don't have it.

Now if you accept the evidence faith gives you and not the evidence your physical senses give you, you will begin praising. You will begin thanking God for what you have received and you will begin confessing a scripture portion about your health. You might confess, "By Jesus' stripes I was healed". (1 Peter 2:24)


Your confession and your thanksgiving are by faith. Together these move you towards the place where what you have received in the faith realm can transfer into the physical sense realm.

You have set yourself in expectation of doing things that in your infirmity you couldn't do before. Continue on the heading your faith confession has put you on and you'll end up doing everything that you couldn't do before you prayed!