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Class 10: How To Love!


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Part 10: Releasing forgiveness

(This is part 10 of 10 parts in this class)


Loving with God's love is an act of will. God has already put His love in your heart but you have to make the decision to release it. The same is true of forgiveness; it is an act of your will since it is an act of God's love in you. You have to make the decision to release it with the words, "I will forgive!"

Pray this prayer now and release forgiveness from your heart into the lives of those who've wronged or hurt you.


"Father, in the Name of Jesus, I will forgive. As a decision of my will I forgive all those who've ever wronged me or hurt me and I let all resentment drop in my life. Specifically I release forgiveness in my heart for...(name those you need to forgive). I forgive them as you, God, for Christ's sake forgave me! Amen."