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Class 10: How To Love!


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Part 2: Personal testimony of salvation

(This is part 2 of 10 parts in this class)


It was the love of Jesus clearly to be seen in His followers that first really drew me to Jesus and God's salvation in Him.

I was living in Holland at the time. Three years earlier in 1972 I had broken my neck in a trampoline accident while studying at St Paul's College (part-forerunner the University of Gloucestershire) in Cheltenham. The severity of the accident meant some very tricky operations and then spending a lengthy period in the local General Hospital.

Two of my neck vertebrae had been thrust completely out of place leaving me paralysed from the neck down. Without any doubt, I would never have recovered if the right people hadn't been in the right places at the right times and done just the right things at the right moments.


I thank God for His saving intervention in my life. I thank Him too for His Holy Spirit Who began drawing my thoughts towards Himself while a lay there in hospital. Perhaps you can imagine the inner hunger for truth, purpose and answers to life's questions that arose out of this.

Sad to say though, years of empty words from wooden pulpits hadn't given me much confidence in the direction of Christianity. Instead I began to search in literature, philosophy and even eastern religions for answers.

This search took me to Holland where I trained as a contemporary dancer - a real testimony to how good my recovery had been! Finally, one weekend in the summer of 1975, I found myself in the presence of some Christians in a coffee bar in Amsterdam.