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Class 12: Covenant Consciousness


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Part 1: What is a covenant?

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Let's get started on this from the basics. Let's ask the question, what is a covenant? A covenant is a solemn agreement between two parties. In this solemn agreement the two parties dedicate themselves to granting at all times protection, promotion and prosperity to each other. To truly understand covenants you must understand why and how covenants are made.


We, who live in industrial societies, are almost totally unfamiliar with covenants and covenant making. Unlike us, the patriarchs - such as Abraham and Jacob - lived in societies moulded around covenants. The covenant relationships of their societies determined in the most part success or failure, defence or defeat, promotion or ridicule.

Tribal peoples of the world today also are still familiar with covenant. Where ever the gospel is preached in Africa we receive reports of miraculous healings and deliverances. Why? Primarily because in hearing the gospel preached the people hear a blood covenant preached and immediately - because of their covenant familiarity - they draw on that blood covenant with God.