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Class 11: Father and Son


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Part 4: Conscience in man

(This is part 4 of 10 parts in this class)


"Simon," you say, "how can we be conscious of something that is not apparent on the outside?" We get help with the answer to this from Apostle Paul when he exhorts Timothy, "Hold faith, and a good conscience." 1 Timothy 1:19.

Now holding to faith you might understand but how do you hold to a good conscience? What is a good conscience? Probably not what you think it is!

A conscience is something every human possesses but in unregenerate man it is so marred by sin that it ceases to function as God intended it to function. The Bible calls a sin-marred conscience an evil conscience.


Sin is like mud and grit to man's conscience blinding it to Heaven's light. Sin stains and mars the conscience. Sin blinds the conscience to heaven's landscape and makes it impervious to heaven's light - that's an evil conscience!