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Class 18: The Whole Armour of God!


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Part 14: How to deal with fiery darts

(This is part 14 of 19 parts in this class)


If you're going to live all out for Christ there will be times when people will mouth off fiery darts against you. Therefore, it's important to know two things.

Firstly, the devil's the one originating those darts - his intention is to fatally wound you. Secondly, you can render those darts all harmless with faith as your shield.


Faith answers every bad or malicious report. It answers impending defeat with promises of impending victory! It answers "every tongue risen up against you in judgement" with a proclamation of who you are in Christ! (Isaiah 54:17) Faith will meet every fiery dart with a proclamation. Faith proclaims who you are in Christ. It proclaims what He's done for you. It proclaims what, by His grace, He will be accomplishing through you.

Faith that has such a proclamation becomes yours by hearing and hearing the Word of God! (Romans 10:17) Save yourself from hurts and wounds - keep up the shield of faith!