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Part 6: Supernatural powers


Here's another email with the following question,

"Is it possible for someone who doesn't practice witchcraft to have supernatural powers? Not predicting the future but knowing the thoughts of other people or knowing how your life is, except you didnt tell them? Do you think God would give people supernatural gifts?"

(Content of this section: Exercising discernment in the face of claims to knowledge and insights from beyond the realm of human capability)


Thanks for your questions. However, I think you're missing the point of my web page (above) about mediums, spiritualists and psychics entitled "Psychics!" I'll explain.

Certain people do receive knowledge and insights from beyond the realm of human capability. However the concern everyone should have is where is this knowledge and insight originating from. If it is originating from God well and good but if it is originating from elsewhere then there is likely to be a sting in the tail even though the face looks honest and benign.


The Holy Spirit can speak to people anywhere. He will speak to people even before they know God as their Father through His Son Jesus. He does this to help them come to Jesus as their Saviour. This type of ministry of the Holy Spirit is usually for that person only and not for public consumption.

Someone who has not accepted Jesus as their personal Saviour can receive knowledge from beyond the realm of human capability but they have no way of knowing where that knowledge is originating from.

This is why I write, "The only safe way into the spiritual realm is through the door, Jesus! John 14:6. The only spirit you ever want to consult is the Holy Spirit! John 16:13. Enter the realm of the Kingdom of God by accepting Jesus as your personal saviour and then receive the Holy Spirit as your personal guide and counsellor." Have a read again of my page above and I think this time you'll get more out of it.


I also write, "Psychics who are operating in any power of prediction are doing so because they are in contact with familiar spirits." A psychic is anyone who is making predictions without the help of the Holy Spirit. He or she does not need to be into witchcraft or any New Age activity to be doing this.

You should not give any attention to someone making predictions like this for by doing so you are giving a familiar spirit acknowledgement. Ignore his or her statements and declarations.

Give your attention to the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. Get more aware and awake to the wonder of what God has declared to us through His Son. Find out for yourself the truth that sets you free that Jesus has given to you. Learn to hear the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit in your heart. Daily focus on Jesus sitting at the right hand of God always living to make intercession for you.

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  • A look at who is eligible to receive spiritual gifts by the Holy Spirit

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